About E.M. Tippetts

Emily Mah Tippetts started her career writing science fiction and fantasy as Emily Mah. Along the way, she wrote a few light romances, one of which she sold to a small press and the rest of which she self published, all under the name E.M. Tippetts. She did this assuming that these books would sell a few dozen copies to family, which was more than they would have earned sitting on her hard drive.

The rest, as they say, is history. Over a hundred and fifty thousand sales later, E.M. Tippetts has titles that span YA to romance to mystery and suspense. She still writes her science fiction and fantasy as Emily Mah and is now working on launching titles in those genres.

Not long after she began self-publishing, other authors began to ask her who did her formatting, so she began formatting other people’s books. Demand became so strong that she founded E.M. Tippetts Book Designs, which now employs three formatters and a cover designer and the company has formatted more than a thousand books since its founding in 2013.

Emily is a lifelong New Mexican, though she spent time away from her home state to earn a bachelors in philosophy, politics, and economics at Oxford University and a juris doctorate in business law from UCLA. She currently lives in Santa Fe with her family.